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Alpine Glatt Kosher Catering is a full service catering experience. Glatt, as you may know, is Yiddish for “smooth,” and that’s exactly how Alpine Catering intends to conduct your culinary event.  Our kitchen is entirely dedicated to Glatt Kosher cuisine, giving us the unique opportunity to create extraordinary fare while maintaining authenticity.

Serving you for over 100 years, Alpine Glatt Kosher Catering is dedicated to creating your unique culinary experience through decades of innovation and our desire for unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our core values – quality, reliability, and authenticity – are what we strive to produce with each client we serve. Our aim is to create a unique, stress-free environment for you, while maintaining our standards for sophistication and world class cuisine.

Full service catering experience


Our Cuisine

Our on premise Kosher kitchen and kalim (cooking equipment) with a Mashgiach Temidi allows us to provide reliable Glatt Kosher catering. Under the supervision of Vaad ha Koshrus of Metrowest, Rabbi Yakov Teichman, who works closely with our head chef and kitchen staff to ensure all food and operations are compliant with Glatt Kosher dietary laws.

While we are a Glatt Kosher certified and Rabbi supervised kitchen, our options for cuisine are limitless. From the more traditional meals like brisket, homemade pirogues, Pas Ysrael breads, and Lubavitch Meats (available upon request), to more out of the box ideas such as chargrilled ribeye steak, lamb chops and sushi platters, you’ve never tasted Glatt Kosher catering as good as this before.


Where We Cater

We cater to the all throughout the tri-state area or wherever great food is needed!

We are easily mobile, extremely flexible, and able to accommodate any space; from building and furnishing a tent in your backyard for a private event to doing live tastings and carving stations in large scale event spaces. Whether we cater at our in-house venue, Crystal Plaza, or off-premises at any off-premise location neither our level of quality, nor our dedication to provide you with outstanding service, will diminish.

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