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Crystal Plaza’s catering (also known as Highview Caterers) focuses on multi cultural à la carte fare. Directed by Chef Paul Fonte, the menu is designed to be used as a baseline for guests to create, innovate, and explore their wildest imaginations when developing menus for their events. 

With Crystal Plaza Group anything is possible for your event.



Crystal Plaza's (Highview) Catering is known for its outstanding and expansive cuisine offerings. What kind of food menu would you prefer for your event? Italian or Asian? Vegetarian? Traditional or modern?

Envision this: Cocktail hour kicks off with butler-style passed bites, such as baby lamb chops, spinach wrapped in filo, smoked figs with gorgonzola cheese and Louisiana crab cakes. The room is filled with tasting tables, such as oversized raw bars overflowing with oysters, snow crab claws, littleneck clams and more. Dinner features over-the-top appetizers such as burrata and balsamic endive salad while servers take dinner orders for the entrées. Every guest may order from a choice menu that may include filet mignon, braised short ribs, shrimp scampi and roasted rack of veal. For dessert, Nutella pizzas, warm zeppoles dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar and an international coffee bar tantalize the taste buds. Inquire about our dessert village or our specialty event endings to finish the night off in proper fashion. Nothing is out of the question with Highview. So what do you desire?


Alpine Glatt Kosher Catering

Glatt, as you may know, is Yiddish for “smooth,” and that’s exactly how Crystal Plaza Group intends to conduct your glatt kosher catering. Our facility houses three dedicated kitchens and catering facilities, including a kitchen dedicated to Alpine Glatt Kosher Catering, giving us the unique opportunity to create extraordinary cuisine while maintaining authenticity.

The rabbi-supervised Alpine Glatt Kosher kitchen allows us to provide reliable glatt kosher catering at our in-house Crystal Plaza venue as well as off-premises. The rabbis work closely with our head chef and kitchen staff to ensure all food and operations are fit. Glatt kosher food, in general, carries a bad reputation for not being the most food-forward or quality, but we pride ourselves on contradicting that status. From our chargrilled ribeye steak to homemade pirogues, you’ve never tasted glatt kosher catering as good as this before—it’s true “foodie” fare.

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Beverage Programming

Whether you are planning specialty cocktails or want ultra premium brands on the bar, our event specialists coordinate with our beverage director to offer premium options for your affair. We know the wine and liquor selections are just as important as your customized menu and this is always something that is detailed for every individual event.

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