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One Off Events is Crystal Plaza Group’s boutique event production, planning and concierge division. Our business is to create lasting memories through unique and innovative events. We create and provide any event or experience you can imagine. One Off Event’s boutique team has produced some of the highest profile concerts, parties, and events while ensuring that even the largest parties still have a personal touch.

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    Social & Corporate Events

    • One Off Event’s creates fantasy events. Services include planning, coordination, full scale production, catering, decor, music, VIP services, talent booking, travel, reservations and special performances.

      From upscale glamour wedding planning in New York City to a private carnival festival production for Shaquille O’Neal in Miami, CPP has taken on the big, small, and everything in between. Events are what the foundation of our company was built on and our true passion is bringing them to life. Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s, Corporate Holiday Parties, Birthday’s, Private Dinner’s and Music Festivals are just some of the examples of events we have produced.

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